Manufacturer Representation

Tuff Built Products Tuff Built Products is the team behind three of the most innovative and user friendly manufacturing lines in Fall Protection, Confined Space and Fire Fighting. Best Safety Systems, Tuff Step, and Snuffer.

Best Safety Systems Best Safety Systems manufactures Engineered Fall Protection, Confined Space and Rescue products and systems. Whether it is a specialized one-off product or part of their standard innovative and user friendly product line, Best Safety Systems is simply the best in the industry.

Tuff Step - The Tuff Step System provides secure, lightweight and easy-to-use steps, stairways and ramps that can be easily used and reused on many different inclines and slopes. Each step in Tuff Step Stairways can be individually adjusted for degree of slope, which allows the same Stairway to access different heights safely by adjusting the steps to the new slope.

Snuffer Snuffer's Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) are the most advanced, cost effective and user friendly method of fighting Class A, B, and D type fires, and for protecting property. Snuffer CAFS are first in fire suppression.

If you are a manufacturer and are in need of representation in California and Nevada please contact us.

Consulting & Training

Whether you are looking for Certified or Non- Certified training; site evaluations and consultations; or contracting GLP as temporary onsite safety personnel, we have the knowledge and technical experience to help you develop a successful solution. If you have the need for a certified qualified fall protection specialist, we have the ability to help. The list of consulting services and training services that we provide are listed below. If you have interest in our consulting services or training courses please let us know thru our contact area.

Consulting Services
  • Site Evaluations for Fall Protection, Rescue & Confined Space.
  • Consulting to develop written and practical Fall Protection, Rescue, & Confined Space Plans.
  • OSHA Compliance Inspections of Fall Protection Equipment
  • Pre-Job Anchor and Tie-off Consultation
  • Mid-Job Evaluation of Fall Protection and Confined Space applications
Training Courses
  • Fitting & Donning of Fall Protection equipment
  • Authorized Training in Fall Protection, Rescue or Confined Space
  • CAL/FED OSHA Inspection certification for Fall Protection and Confined Space equipment.
  • Competent Person for Fall Protection
  • Competent Person Trainer
  • OSHA 10 & Competent Person for Fall Protection Power Combo Course - Contact for details.
  • OSHA 30 & Competent Person for Fall Protection Power Combo Course - Contact for details.
  • MSHA 24 & Competent Person for Fall Protection Power Combo Course - Contact for details.
Qualified Fall Protection Installation Partners

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